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Two Days Worth

This is very odd. I wrote a post yesterday and posted it, and now it's not there. Tuesday afternoon I was just really in pain and took meds and read in bed for a couple of hours. I was trying to move back to my regular sleeping time, but slept at 3am. I got a phone call today -- someone who calls me every other month or so and says Wrong Number as soon as I answer -- at 9:30am and couldn't sleep so I was up at 10am.

Spirit has stopped sneezing (yay!) but I had trouble getting her antibiotic in last night and this morning because my left hand, which holds her mouth in the right place, hurts a lot. Today it dropped out of her mouth and I saw it on her tail and when she came back in a few seconds, it wasn' there. I moved the recliner and found it clean enough to use. As long as the recliner was out, I've swept under it and Spirit's end tables a bit at a time. I rested on the semi-recliner and gave her the pill, but later I had to take meds and sleep in the bed. I read a bit before my phone alarm went off to take regular meds and then I got up. The new recliner was due in four to six weeks, and this is the sixth week, so I called today and she said the Lane truck was coming tomorrow and it may be on that. Boy would I like a real recliner again.
Tags: cats, cleaning, pain, reading, recliner, sleeping

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