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Crazy Cars

Or crazy drivers, I suppose. I was out about 3.5 hours today. On the way to a medium-distance Kaiser clinic to get visual fields done on the left eye, I saw two different cars swoop from the left lane across the right lane to turn right or turn into a business on the right. A mile or so on, a car that was behind me in the right lane swooped around from behind me and squeezed in between me and the car in front (missed my bumper by about five inches) and then stood on the brakes so as not to hit the car in front, and then half-a-mile on, turned right.

I was early for the appt and got my glasses adjusted. The left earpiece was digging a hole into the side of my head. The tech took me about 20 minutes late and then had me repeat part of the test, so just as I was gathering things to go, the next person was screaming out in the lobby that he'd had to wait for 30 minutes.

I wore my hat/scarf combination today so I was quite warm even though it was 22F outside, but maybe I am still allergic to wool. I used to be so allergic to wool that resting it against my arm for a minute would produce a rash. This time, after wearing the hat & attached scarf for about 20 minutes, I itched where it hit my skin. No rash. The scarf is Wool-ease, a washable wool, and I thought it would probably work but maybe it will get given to the local charity and I'll make one out of acrylic. I have to sit down to get the hat on and the scarf part wound about and after doing that, I headed home.

I had planned to go to PetSmart on the way home, but I was not up for that so I decided to flip with tomorrow and go to the Giant. I planned to drop a DVD off at the post office parking lot box and put my blinker on about a block away but the guy behind me was still on my bumper and I ended up turning wide so he wouldn't run into me. Then I spent four minutes in line behind another woman at the box. She spent most of that time doing something in the car and then when she got out, took the mail to a box out on the street. She could have parked in a spot just feet away to do that and let me and the three cars behind me go through.

I had three things on the list for the Giant and they only had one so I abandoned the shopping cart a short distance from the checkout and then walked toward the door with just the bag in my hand. A little boy dashed out and fell in front of me and I managed to stop and grab a desk where a guy was giving out the local paper free and haul myself back up from about halfway down (and he grabbed me and had me sit in his chair for a bit). The mother admonished the boy but I don't think it will keep him from dashing in the future.

Then on the way home in the right lane, the car in front of me swooped around the car in front of it and, yes, in about a half-mile, turned right. It was a car-and-a-half further along. What a stupid thing to do.
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