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Marilee J. Layman

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10:26 pm: Still Sleeping Off
I had planned to read at 2am and sleep at 4am, but I didn't get to reading until 3:30am and turned the light out at 6am. I had the alarm set for 2pm, but since I didn't get to sleep until around 9am, I changed the setting to 4pm. My upstairs neighbor called at 3:30pm so I just turned the alarm off and woke up at 6:15pm. I'm going to try to go to sleep tonight again at the normal time because I'm too close to Saturday & Sunday to push forward.

I got another set of antibiotics for Spirit in the mail -- the Baytril didn't work and she's still sneezing -- and when I put the mail on the computer table, Loki jumped up, sniffed, and tried to get the envelope. I took the envelope out of the pile, got the pills out, and gave him the envelope. He took it off the table and sat on it for a while. I don't think that's because of the pills -- they were in plastic and foil -- but because the envelope came from a vet's house/office.

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Date:August 6th, 2010 02:33 am (UTC)

Cats are so goofy

My current biggest pest is Siegfried, who uses the rule. 'if it's not nailed down, it's a cat toy. If it can be scratched off it's nail, it's not nailed down right and is still a cat toy."

He's a doofus...
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Date:August 6th, 2010 02:58 am (UTC)

Re: Cats are so goofy

Mine are not that fond of regular toys. They like the stuffed alligator I buy (has catnip, too) and they like the heat seals from bottles. Otherwise, they usually just leave things alone. I think Loki just liked the smell.
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