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Trains and Weather

Yesterday on the way out and back, I had to stop at a train crossing because they were working on making a train. We have a four-rail yard about three blocks from my house and the first time they had two engines (only one working) and two orange gravel cars. On the way back, they'd added a black gravel car. And then at 5am today, a train blew its horn for a long time, and I bet they get a complaint. A couple of years ago the city worked out a deal that keeps trains from blowing their horns between 10pm and 8am.

Last night I pulled the shades down and as soon as I did, wind hit the windows. I knew there was a thunderstorm coming, but this was just fierce wind. Loki came in, looked at the window, looked at me, looked at the window, looked at me, so I opened the shade again. He put his paws on the windowsill and just his eyes above. A neighbor came by and waved at us. Loki got down twice and I let him back up once, but then I put the shade down. You don't want to be near the window when there's dangerous weather. Then I decided to have Bagel Bites for dinner and as I was putting them on the toaster oven tray, the power went off/on immediately. (Lots of things beeped.) I waited 10 minutes and it didn't happen again, so I started the toaster oven and the computer.

There was no thunder or rain last night, but about 3:30am, a big thunderstorm came by. I slept through a lot of it, with storms in my dreams, but my upstairs neighbor called me to see if I knew there were thunderstorms. I carefully didn't tell him that the rest of us hear better than he does. We don't have any problems here, but lots of trees went down in the area, and of course, lots of people don't have power.
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