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I meant to say I was going for a nap in the last note.

While I was reading the paper last night, Spirit was sitting on me and Junie came and sat on the arm of the recliner. Spirit sneezed and some of it got on Junie and she smacked Spirit again, and me. I don't have any blood, just two scrapes, but I don't know about Spirit. She still has scabs from the last time Junie got her.

I got to bed planning to read until 4am, but I went to the end of a chapter and it was 4:23am. My stomach was also growling and I got up and had half a sandwich. I petted Spirit for a while and went to sleep at 5am after I'd changed the alarm to 1pm. Then at 6am I woke up and had to get acetaminophen; maybe I should just take that before I turn the light off. I changed the alarm to 2pm but didn't get up until a bit before 3pm.

I had a headache, but I didn't think it was so bad, so when I got everything I was going to need, I headed out. When I got to the street that's the only one out of here -- perpendicular to our cul-de-sac street -- there were lots and lots of cars. I've never seen that many there before. One driver was kind and let me in; I waved. It still took six minutes to get to the intersection and normally it would be seconds. Then I dropped the DVD off at the post office, and they have done a good job on making the parking lot look good, and to make it more obvious that it's a one-way parking lot. I went to get groceries and I started having a bigger headache and my shoulders hurt.

When I got home, I put the cheese in the refrigerator and left the rest of the food on the counter. I came in to the living room to sit on the recliner and look through the mail. When I came over here to start my normal order of things, it was clear I wasn't going to last long, so I took narcotics and went to bed. I got up a bit after 10pm and came back.
Tags: cats, errands, food, pain, reading, sleeping

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