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Even More Sleeping

And I get to go out tomorrow and have to then stay in for about a week and a half, so I should be sure to set it up to get up earlier tomorrow. I read the paper and watched a DVD last night and then read until 6am because I wanted to finish a section. I woke up at 7am and needed acetaminophen and then woke up at 10:30am to use the bathroom. At that point, Junie started bothering me and I didn't get up until just before 5pm.

I'm changing sheets and washing the ones from this past week and expect to watch only Drop Dead Diva tonight because PBS doesn't have any new Masterpiece Somethings today. Then I'll read the paper and head to bed.

I've been wondering if I had adrenal insuffiency because I have all the symptoms, but I know that people like me can have lots of symptoms and not the disease. I was thinking of asking my primary doctor for the test. Then today I looked up cytoxan because I couldn't remember how long I had kinky hair the last time I took it. Well, not only does the hair come in that way for several months after you stop taking it (I stopped 3/31), but it gives all the same symptoms. So I'm pretty sure that the eating problems and weight loss and so forth are from the cytoxan. I don't have cancer -- there was a study showing it might help keep someone who was tapering a large dose of prednisone from withdrawal, like with my stroke.
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