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In the 80s!

The weather sources say we'll be in the 80s from today until either Monday or Tuesday! I took the trash and recycling out today (two days later than usual, so more stuff than usual) and went to Olive Garden for the dessert with berries and sherbet but without zabione (I don't like custard). It would seem like the kind of thing I could put together here, but when I buy the parts, they die first.

The VA, which is run by Eric K. Shinseki, retired four-star general and former Army Chief of Staff, is putting a lot of services into the system for female veterans -- things like restrooms for women! -- and getting his staff to treat them like soldiers as well as believe them when they say they've been sexually assaulted. I always liked Shinseki's soldering; I'm very pleased at what he's doing for female vets.
Tags: errands, veterans, weather

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