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Marilee J. Layman

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05:34 pm: Asimov's March 2007
I found only one story and one poem I liked in this issue:

1. "Breeze from the Stars" by Mary Rosenblum -- near-space safety requires the right person born in Ophiuchus.

1. "They Arrived" by Mark Rich -- aliens want to change us, but they're just another batch of illegal immigrants.

There was one that was close, but I got the solution long before the protagonist did, and part of the story is that he gets it before everybody else. This was "Public Safety" by Matthew Johnson. I frequently get the solution before the characters do, but to have a character who was supposed to be really good get it after me defeats the purpose of the story.

This issue also included "Doctor Muffet's Island" by Brian Stableford, which is a novelization of a 1950's B movie where a famous explorer runs into giant spiders from the moon.

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