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More Storms

I was asleep at 9am when my phone rang: it was a Code Red recording from the city telling me that a hotel that's mostly used by people close to homelessness had an "incident" and that the roads around it, including a major one, were blocked. The incident turned out to be a mentally ill man who had run into one of the rooms when the police tried to get him for a probation violation. When the police came close to the room, he shot at them. They tried a number of non-violent ways to get him out, but he left a traditional suicide message on his son's phone and killed himself.

The storms that passed through our city weren't bad, but Pepco now has even more people without power, and one of their lines dropped on railroad tracks. A freight train stopped in time, as did a Metro train. The MARC (Maryland) didn't get there. Pepco had to turn the power line off before a rescue Metro train could come get the folks and take them out. The train still had power, so AC, at least.

I woke up at 2pm but when I tried to sit up and then stand, I had a lot of pain in my right hip, so I took acetaminophen and went back to bed. It was the thunder from a storm that woke me up a bit after 4pm. The kitties are desperate for dinner, but I'm feeding them further apart and less for the big kitties and more for the little one. I think the big ones may still be eating from the little one's food, but they're also really hungry. I haven't quite found the right size of glass bowl/vase to try that and I don't have any other ideas.

Senator Kerry is going to introduce a law that keeps online companies from using your information for things you don't want.

Obama is telling the government that they should hire more disabled folk, and having Justice write rules for new stores, restaurants, offices, etc. so they must also be accessible starting next year. See the picture? Langevin is in an iBOT that can go up stairs, on gravel or rough ground, and can go up to the same height other people are. Dean Kamen is brilliant.
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