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In the 80s!

More forecasters say Friday through Monday will be, too! Last night I read the paper, watched TV and beaded, then went to bed to read about midnight. I turned the light off at 3:30am and woke up about 1:30pm. I took two Richard Jury books to the library and picked up the next two Richard Jury books plus our bookgroup book. I had lunch at Red Hot & Blue -- the Pig Squealin' Combo which I never come near finishing but it has things I like: half onion ring loaf, pulled pork sandwich, potato salad, and unsweetened tea.

The traffic intersections without lights in DC & Maryland are down to fewer than 100 (one intersection has flooding water now, too). Pepco has brought in 350 electrical crews from Ohio to try to get all the electricity back up in their area. And many people are finding places to stay. Obama was playing golf on Sunday and when the storm hit, they grabbed him and took him to safety.

BPA, which has people looking at it, has been found in thermal paper receipts.

After my post about long wool pants for rangers, yesterday's WashPost mentions the uniforms that Future Farmers of America are required to wear: a blue corduroy jacket always zipped up.
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