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Two Big Regional Things

Turns out that was a much larger thunderstorm than usual -- in some places the winds went up to 70mph, a six-year-old was killed by a tree limb, a jet skier was killed by high waves (they were heading back to shore as fast as they could), and a woman driving a minivan killed by a tree, lots of trees down and roofs off, a section of Maryland won't get electricity back for about a week, and another section of Maryland where the pumping station lost power and the residents have been asked to minimize water use.

A while back, a sexual abuser, Kevin Ricks, was arrested in our high school. I was surprised, but glad they got him. Now the WashPost has done an investigation and police and FBI found that he's been abusing teenage boys since 1978. Lots of people suspected over the years and never turned him in. Some had ideas but not enough evidence for police to act. Many employers (mostly schools, even though he never had his certificate) just let him leave at the end of the year and didn't tell the school where he went about what happened. He was finally locked up because a mother found inappropriate Facebook messages between her son and Ricks and told police. When they searched his house they found pictures and videotapes of the sex and journals lovingly talking about the sex. Many of the boys who were abused didn't know about it because he got them drunk on tequila first.

Yesterday, I realized partway through reading ML that it was probably cool enough for me to go get groceries. I checked and it was 78F when it had been 98F before the storm so I put shoes on and went out. I watched TV and beaded, then read the paper. Spirit and Junie touched noses twice, but one time Spirit was afraid. I got to bed to read at 1:30am, turned the light out at 4am, and woke up just before 2pm. It seems that sleeping 10 hours is easier than sleeping eight and then taking a three hour nap.

We're looking at two to four more days in the 80s this week, which is much more normal for July. Nevertheless, we already had the hottest July here in history, just like June was.

Johnson & Johnson is screwing up more of their non-prescription meds -- some ineffectual meds in boxes and some wrong meds in boxes -- but haven't recalled them yet.

A poor bear got into a car and pushed the stick into neutral and it drove into a thicket. I bet it didn't expect that! Sheriffs think the peanut butter sandwich and open door in the car probably got the bear in at first, and when the car moved, the door shut and the bear was trapped. They let him loose by putting on a long rope and pulling it. The bear dashed for the forest.
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