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Orange Kitty

When I signed offline yesterday, I started reading the paper and there on my porch, looking in through the sliding glass door, was an orange kitty (stripes on legs). When I moved the paper, it looked eye-to-eye with me and clearly wanted in. It kept looking at the inside of the condo and I was saying "orange kitty! orange kitty on the porch!" when Loki came to the living room. When he saw the orange kitty, he crouched down and stealthily moved to the sliding glass doors. That didn't really work, since the orange kitty saw him and backed away then left. It was a nice-looking kitty, but I don't think I can have any more while Junie is alive and she's only four now.

Then I watched those two recorded shows. Here's my choice for worst and best of the new shows I've watched:

Worst Two New TV Shows:

Haven -- a town with supernatural residents is as foggy as the weather.
Rizzoli and Isles -- they're BFFs and they solve crimes!

Best Two New TV Shows:

Memphis Beat -- great music embedded in a good police show.
Covert Affairs -- the trainee is pulled up to active CIA duty to find it's a lot harder than she thought.

I planned to watch a DVD last night after the late news, but I was sleepy. This time I managed to read for a couple of hours and go to sleep at 2am. I got up at 12pm, with some help from Junie. I'm almost done with washing the bedding, and then I'll do a load of my clothes.

During the late news last night, Spirit was up on top of the recliner for a while and Junie came to sit diagonally on my lap. Spirit started coming down the other side (using my shoulder as a step) and I thought she'd be going to eat or something, but she moved onto the other side of my lap from Junie and Junie smacked her like crazy. I didn't have to push Junie off, she knew she was bad, but I stayed longer out here so I could pet Spirit and make her feel better. I couldn't figure out if Spirit didn't see Junie or thought she would be nice.

Well -- I had three instant offs in the last 25 minutes. We almost never get even one, so when the second happened as Windows was checking the files, I turned everything off and went to sit in the recliner with Spirit. I knew there'd be a big storm today, but we have lots of those without losing power.
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