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It actually turned out to take three times (five breasts with riblets) and I ended up with two small containers and one large container for each. The small containers have about 50gr each so I can use them with rice or pasta or something as a flavoring. The big container is meant to make something with the chicken as the main part and have it three times.

I watched TV and planned to watch two recoreded shows after the late news, but I was clearly too sleepy. I figured I could read in bed because a lot of times when I'm sleepy, I just need to do something else. I managed to get through a few pages and went to sleep, so I put things away and slept at 1:30am. Junie tried to wake me up a few times, but I actually woke up at 12:15pm.

Everybody has been yelling at me today and I think for Loki & Junie, that's because they didn't get as much food as they have been. Spirit got more, but they probably had some of that. I don't know why Spirit was yelling -- she had some food left and fresh water.

I'm a little sore today, probably from standing up and going back and forth to deal with the chicken, but I don't think I need to go to bed to read.

A column on Virginia seceding from the nation.
Tags: cats, food, politics, reading, sleeping, tv

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