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The WashPost did a two-year investigation on intelligence companies and found that many are doing the same things. This three-part article has neat graphics and a lot of information.

We have a very skillful and educated serial killer here in the DC area. He might not have been caught if ATF hadn't searched his house for guns.

We had a lot of other deaths here in the area -- 19 heat deaths so far -- Maryland has had 13, DC has had one, and Virginia has had five.

Also here in the DC area, park rangers wear wool pants. I can't believe it -- long wool pants when it will be 101F and high humidity on Saturday.

I mentioned before the "granny pad" and it's now been manufactured.

China always wants to do things bigger than we do -- their oil spill is bigger than ours.

The commuter trains seem to lack space, at least during rush hours, and there are people who take up two seats by putting their bag or feet on one, etc., and a website has been set up to show pictures of seat hogs.
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