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Marilee J. Layman

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01:52 pm: Advancing on Normal Time
No DVD later, but I did the rest of it. I had something odd happen during the night, and I'm pretty sure I was awake. Spirit came down to the bed and woke me up. She was walking back and forth, like she does out here when she wants me to pet her. The other two cats were not on the bed, so I didn't turn the light on or talk -- I thought Junie might come and bother Spirit. Spirit stayed maybe a minute and then went back down the hall. It's just that it seems so unlikely that she'd be so much less afraid that I wonder if I was awake.

Today I was out at 10:30am (80F) and took out the trash and recycling, picked up cat food cans and Spirit's meds, and got yesterday's mail.

If I follow the normal three-hour pushing forward, I go to sleep tonight/tomorrow at 4am, which is my standard time. I'll have to set the alarm for noon for a few days, I think, just in case.

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