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Marilee J. Layman

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01:37 pm: Progressing Faster
When I got offline yesterday, I decided I should take the DVD to the post office (73F) and pick up Monday's mail. But as I went, I thought that maybe I hadn't picked up Friday's and Saturday's mail, too. Indeed, going by the layers, I hadn't. I'll have to be better than that. I did read the paper and read in bed, then turn the light off at 2:30pm. I woke up about 11:10pm because I heard a hiss -- Junie must be doing something to Spirit -- and I came out and watched the rest of the late news while I comforted Spirit. I was yawning like crazy the whole time, so I went back to bed and work up at 4am today. That's about 13 hours, so I guess I was really worn out from the extra hours. That timing will work out okay, though.

I watched a DVD and then took it to the post office, got yesterday's mail, and came home to boot up the computer. I read all the non-LJ/ML blogs and my back started hurting; using the semi-recliner for that doesn't help, so I went down to the bed to read and did so for about 90 minutes. Then I scooped Loki's and Junie's litterboxes and managed to get Spirit's to the guest bathroom and empty it, clean it, take it back to the end table and fill it up there. I'd been using the chair that I've been using with a pillow to hold my feet up and when I came back from putting stuff away, Loki was sitting on it. He's been very unhappy that he can't have it. I just left him there and came over here to start this post. He got down to eat, and Spirit stuck her head out from under the end table, looked all around, and then walked over to the chair and sat. I just sat here and watched. I suppose I could leave the chair there when I go to bed.

I have to read LJ/ML, both Monday's and Tuesday's papers, plus another DVD for later, so I expect that will fill up my time until I'm due to go to bed to read at 8pm. Oh, I'm going to wash the cat blankies now. I never quite thought of the part of yesterday when I was awake as Monday.

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