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No Bookgroup

I was still awake at 8am, even after two narcotic pills with my night meds, so I emailed the librarian/fan/leader and told her why I wasn't coming (am not coherent on three hours of sleep) and gave her what I thought about the book: Dying of the Light by George R.R. Martin. It's very old and I think meant to be sensationalist. It was okay. I don't know how the others feel. However the blurb on the back cover was almost entirely wrong.

I had to wash Spirit's bed today, and she's asleep in it, but probably waiting for food. I got up at 5pm, so I don't think there's been enough time to give them dry food.

I've been thinking about pushing forward, but I have people coming two nights -- the vet on Wednesday and Peapod on Thursday -- and I'm not sure I can move the time so I'm awake when they're here. I'm really sleepy now and am going to stay up. You never know, maybe I'll slide back tonight.
Tags: book, cats, sleep, time
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