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Another Night

I watched Royal Pains (and will have to ask my primary about adrenal insuffiency, because I have all the symptoms -- that would explain losing weight, fatigue, muscle weakness, and loss of appetite) where Hank did his Medical McGyver bit again. Read the paper, went to bed to read and had a half-narcotic pill right before I turned the light off at 5am. I slept off and on until 7:30am and then slept until 4pm, except answering the phone about 10am and answering the door (probably too late, nobody in sight) about 2pm.

Tomorrow we have a Heat Advisory and Code Orange and I'm not supposed to go out. Tomorrow we also have bookgroup and I missed last month's, too, because of our weird too-hot weather. At the moment, I'm thinking of disobeying and going tomorrow, but I would really have to get up at noon. I'll try two narcotic pills when I take night meds, and we'll see.
Tags: health, reading, sleep, tv, weather

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