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More Strange Sleeping

I watched a new version of Murder on the Oriental Express on Masterpiece Mystery last night, which I enjoyed, even though I knew what was going to happen, and then Drop Dead Diva. Sunday's paper is long so I didn't get to bed to read until 3am. I turned the light out at 5:30am but was still awake, in pain, at 8am. So I took acetaminophen and went to sleep, to wake up at 4pm. This isn't going to work the next two days, so I'll continue to take the narcotic with my night meds and then try taking the acetaminophen when I turn the light out, and see if that works.

It was 79F here today, completely unpredicted. I hope some of the other days predicted for the 90s will be lower, too. I got Saturday and today's mail with not much interesting other than the September Asimov's. I'm washing the cat blankies and had my usual disagreement with Loki. He'll give me an inch and then put his claws back in the big blankie on the bed, repeat. Sometimes I try to move him, but he's too heavy for me to do that.
Tags: cats, pain, reading, tv, weather

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