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Eureka's season premiere and The Bridge, new cop show

Eureka's first episode this season was really fabulous. They're setting up for Founder's Day and all of a sudden, five of the major characters are in the past, in Camp Eureka. The army officer wants to find and prosecute all of them, but the founder believes that they're from the future and helps make equipment to get back there. They're happy to be home until they realize that it isn't exactly like the former home.... I suspect the next episode will continue and they'll try to hit the right spot in time and universes.

The Bridge is swiped from Canada and then set in the US. It's not like L&O, there's a number of plots started in the first episode. There's a big difference between their officers and upper management. Frank Leo (Aaron Douglas, many BSG episodes) wants to try to fix it, have good things happen for the officers, and ends up being the new union rep. Poor guy doesn't realize quite how uneven that is -- can he be true and still get things done?

There's a metaphor in the show where the good side of town and the bad side of town (big town) are divided by a river, and a bridge goes over it. Here in Manassas, they're separated by a rail line and we have an underpass.

I liked this and will watch for a while, at least.
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