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Much Pain

After I went to bed to read for a bit last night, I got sleepy and turned the light out and slept. I have a dim light on the bookcases that I use for everything but reading and I left it because I can sleep just about anywhere. Junie came in and woke me up and I figured I'd go turn that light out -- I could barely move in the bed and then only walk a couple inches at a time. I was stiff and hurt even more. I took some acetaminophen and went quickly through LJ and ML and then watched Eureka -- which was fabulous -- and The Bridge.

I had the narcotic with my meds and went to bed and read and turned the light out at 5:01am, but came awake at 8am with lots of pain. I took acetaminophen again and read for another hour, getting to sleep at 9am. I could have slept longer, but Junie was really working on me by 4:45pm so I got up.

I'm washing sheets and loading the dishwasher; the kitties are asleep. I still have some pain and have figured out what it is; I frequently have it alternate weeks and I get it the weeks I get the kitty litter boxes down from above my head in the store. I'll have to be reasonable and get an employee to do it for me next time.

A young woman is going to jail because she taped her boyfriend's dog to the refrigerator.
Tags: animal abuse, cats, pain, reading, sleep, tv

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