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The Black Cat - A Richard Jury novel by Martha Grimes

This got a good review from the WashPost and I was on hold for three months to get it. It turns out this is the 22nd book of the Richard Jury series and our library does have most of them. He's a Scotland Yard Superintendent and gets to working on an odd murder in the country. Two more similar murders happen and there's some ancilary plots, some of which drift from earlier books in the series. I had the murderer for the first murder about a quarter of the way in, but couldn't figure out the motive. There's more info about three-quarters in and then he comes up with an unexpected method and motive near the end.

I have the second and third books on hold (the first and fourth aren't at the library) and I think I'll probably read the whole series. I hope they're as fast reads as this one was.
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