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Early Escape

I got up at 6:00am and as soon as I stepped out of the condo, I was wet. Massive humidity, even if the temperature wasn't bad. The sun was a messy dark red, coming through our pollution. I got the trash and recycling out, then to the library to drop off a book I finished last night, to get gas as long as I was so close, then dropped a DVD I watched last night at the post office, and then I decided to have a McDonald's breakfast. There's 500 calories already -- I only have to get 500 more. The temperature sign on the way there/back was at 79, but the humidity was so high I'd had the AC on the entire time. I picked up two days-worth of mail on the way in.

I got home at 7:30am and went to sleep about 8:00am. I woke up at 6:14pm, and I'm surprised the cats let me sleep that long. Today was back to Fosamax and I remembered that because I stuck the month's med calendar out the top of the secretary.

Out of four weather sources, two say there will be 80s on Saturday, so I could get groceries then, plus pick up the books on hold at the library.

This is Full Figured Fashion Week, with fatshionistas. The models are all just up-sized models and that doesn't make much sense to me. One designer mentions that large women tend to carry weight in different places -- breasts, waist, hips -- but the others seem to make clothes for a single shape. The article also talks about their dislike of Michele Obama's push against obesity -- not only do they think the studies on obesity being bad for you may be inaccurate, but they think it would work better if Obama made a positive push for health.

In Illinois, some folks gathered hundreds of people and called in 911 problems. When the police & firefighters got there, they had bottle rockets and fireworks aimed at them. Apparently the gathering was for entertainment. (Under Illinois and then continue.)
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