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Heat Advisory

We're at 100 and the last two days haven't been under 90F even at 9pm. It looks like I'll have to get up tomorrow at 6am and take the trash and recycling out and bring the mail in.

Yesterday, DC police were notified of eight children left in cars and 24 dogs left in cars. Fortunately, no deaths. Today a patient at a nursing home called 911 because they hadn't had AC since Friday. They were all moved to other nursing homes and the prosecutors are considering filing against the owner of the nursing home.

I did stay up and read the paper and went to bed to read. I was sleepy and turned the light off at 4am, but I woke up at 6am with massive pain in my left little toe. I don't know why -- even a breeze set it off -- so I got it held up for a while and then it finally stopped about 7am.

I've been using the dust mop to get all the cat hair drifts, a bit at a time. They sure turn up quickly. I found Spirit on top of the recliner when I came out today and thought she was really progressing, but then I saw her bed stuck between the end tables. I think Junie might have done that. I put it back where it belongs, but Spirit is still on the recliner. (Now three to five weeks before the new one comes.)

Bobby Fischer died a couple of years ago without a will, and Iceland has exhumed his body for DNA and put it back in. There's a woman in the Philippines who thinks her daughter is his heir.
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