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Feet Up Trial

Well, last night I used one of the ladderback chairs with a pillow on it. My legs are a bit wide for it, so the outer leg hurts a bit. The big problem is that it angles me so all the pressure is on my lower back instead of my butt. I put a pillow into the recliner and that helps a bit, but just puts the pressure down further a bit. Tonight I'll try two pillows in the recliner. Good thing I have all these extra pillows. I left a message with the Lane repair guy and I guess will hear back next week.

When I have new OTC meds to start, I always get the heat seals and bottle-top seals off the night before so I won't be confused in the morning. A couple days ago, I opened the new Fish Oil and just casually threw the heat seal to Loki who has been playing with it intermittently since. Junie has stolen it a few times, but Loki gets it back. Spirit thinks the change in the recliner is something I'm doing to hurt her. She looks at it and then at me as if I had really annoyed her.

This (starts at No Turn on Red) wasn't the letter I mentioned earlier this week. I wrote it a while back and didn't see it, so I figured he wouldn't publish it. Now I'm wondering if the other letter would be published at all because this one was. We'll see.

Virginia has passed a law allowing a "granny pod" in backyards. They're essentially a temporary room set up for someone who needs care. The guy with the idea made a MEDcottage that is modular. Of course, legislators in urban areas think it's a bad idea, but it's only allowed as long as the "granny" lives. It's a lot better than stranding family in a nursing home unless they really need more medical care.

Hard to imagine, but Wonder Woman has a new outfit.
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