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My regular night last night, but Junie did let me sleep until about 12:19pm, which is only 19 minutes more than I'd planned. said 89F at 2pm, so I went to the library to pick up a book that finally got to me, and then to get groceries. I was unhappy that they were out of a lot of things on my list that were for sale. I expect a grocery store to be able to refill products. Plus, they're running a cheaper gas promotion, and this receipt has a lower starting number than last week's ending number. I pulled them out to take to the Customer Desk next week.

I picked up mail from Saturday and Monday on the way in and most of it went into the mixed-paper recycling bin, some got in the clamp for shredding, and a few were reasonable things. One surprised me -- a $150.28 check from the IRS. The $.28 was interest. They say on the front of the papers that came with it that they did my taxes on Social Security better than I did, but I couldn't see how I'd get $150 from that -- I only paid $31 and they don't pay you negative tax. The graph on the back showed I was $12 wrong on the SS Tax (and I'd done that twice because I was sure it was wrong the first time...) but that I'd paid $181. So I spent 24 minutes on the phone -- most of it on hold and pushing buttons -- and the guy had to look deeper than he expected. That $150 is my "gift" for using the Making Home Affordable plan to refinance my condo last year. Not a bad surprise.
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