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Junie Still Ringing

I read part of the paper after I got offline yesterday, then watched Miss Marple on PBS Masterpiece Mysteries, while recording Drop Dead Diva. Miss Marple finished early enough that I was able to watch the recording of the other before the news and then I read the rest of the paper.

I got to bed ready to read at 1:30am and slept at 3:30am. I was thinking I'd be up about noon, but Junie started waking me up about 10:30am. I did shut her out of the bedroom, but then Loki was unhappy about being shut in. I finally got up at 1pm and after meds and food, started washing cat blankies.

I made the kitty vet appointments for Tuesday -- the vet and her assistant (who I think is probably her boyfriend) -- come to the house. The big part will be getting the cats in places where the assistant can get them easily: two in the bathrooms and Spirit in the carrier. The vet gives me an hour range of time that she'll arrive, so kitties yell for at least a while.

Yesterday's WashPost had an opinion saying that the fault of people not understanding scientists is part of both -- not listening.
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