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The oil pressure gauge on the van is below zero, but it's not making noise or smells so it's probably the gauge -- the van is 20 years old. I'm taking it up to the shop tomorrow.

I had massive cramps in my legs and feet last night from all the sitting and driving and had to take more flexeril which meant I slept through the cleaning lady working in the bedroom and bathrooms. When she started vacuuming out here, I woke up. I told the cats on top of the duvet over me that we were getting up and Giorgio got right up and off. Spirit just gave me that content blink. I said "Spirit, don't look at me like that, we're getting up!" and she got an alarmed look and when I started to sit the recliner up, went dashing off.

The WashPost has Appreciations for famous people who die and sometimes, like yesterday, they have two and stack them. I do wonder that Barbaro was at the top with a picture, and priest and former Congressman Robert Drinan without picture was at the bottom.
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