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Another Early Day

When I got offline yesterday, I read the last half of Wednesday's paper, all of Thursday's paper, and half of Friday's paper. I went to get the mail and my check was there. Then I watched the two shows I'd recorded and then moved on to A&E's repeats of Criminal Minds. Again, I went to bed after the weather and was set up to read at midnight, but I had to stop at 12:20am. I managed a chapter, but had to keep rereading bits of it. I was asleep before 12:30am.

I had the alarm set for 8am so I could go deposit the check, but I woke up and thought "it should be 8am" and when I looked, it was 7:57am, which is pretty good. I dressed and headed out to the credit union to find out they don't open until 9am. So, yes, I got another McDonald's breakfast. Afterwards, I realized I should have checked to see how Burger King's breakfast is these days, but I don't expect to be out that early again for a long time. After eating, I went back to the credit union drive-in and was a few minutes early. There were people in the other two aisles before the shade was opened, but mine was processed first. I went around the end of the building and got money from the ATM and headed home.

It was 9:30am, and I tried to sleep, but I hurt too much. I figured if I got up and got pain meds at that point, the cats would insist that I get up, so I did that. After getting us settled in, I put in laundry, paid bills, and am reading/posting.

Charlie Stross' new book The Fuller Memorandum is showing at #1 for Books > Science Fiction on the UK Amazon!
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