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Stretch Schedule

After I got offline yesterday, I was so very sleepy. It never occurred to me that Spirit and I would sleep from 3pm to 8pm. I woke up just in time to record In America: Gary & Tony Have a Baby, a documentary on CNN about two gay guys who get a baby and how (it will repeat for a while). That let me check the mail (no check yet) and do some things around the house before I watched the premiere of a new TV show, Rookie Blue. I'm going to give it another chance, but that's it. There was a lot of drinking and a lot of mean jokes/comments about women. Then I watched Royal Pains and the news up to the weather. I was really sleepy then and headed for bed.

I read until 2:30am, which surprised me, and I went right to sleep and woke up at 10:30am. I've been alternating cat stuff with sections of what I read/post online: cleaning Loki's litterbox and giving him new litter, same for Junie, and extra new litter into Spirit's box. When I finish this, I'm going to put the new dry food into the container for that and give them dinner.

Yesterday was 100F, a record for that day since 1894, when it was 98F. Today, it's just 90F and a lot of the day is in the 80s. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to do outside today.

I might get some of the WashPost finished, though. Normally I never go to bed until I've read the paper for that day, but things have been a bit odd. As of this morning, I had half of Wednesday's paper left, plus yesterday's and today's. I finished Wednesday's before I started over here and hope to work on the other two.
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