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Yesterday and Today

I'd been up until 8am when I took the trash and recycling out. I went for another McDonald's breakfast, because who knows when I'll have one again? On the way there, I saw that it aws 8:41am and 84F. When I got home I went to bed and read a bit and then slept. I got up about 7pm yesterday and fed and med all of us, then was online just to this point.

I'd said I was going to bed, but it wasn't quite that accurate. After I was offline, I scooped the litterboxes and fed the cats. I didn't seem so sleepy then, so I decided to watch In Plain Sight instead of recording it. I was nodding off a bit near the end, and stayed up long enough to watch the weather part of the news. They're still showing 90s until Tuesday. I can change the neurology appointment on Friday (ack, the 2nd, maybe I should change it to after the holiday), but I really need to see the rheumatologist on Wednesday because it's her last appointment as she leaves Kaiser. I need her to recommend someone else, and I have a present for her.

After the TV weather last night, I went to bed and read until 3am. I slept off and on until 8:30am when I realized I needed pain meds and then I slept solidly until 11am. I've been up with the morning routine, but I also semi-cooked just a bit ago -- pasta shells with mushrooms and some cheese -- it's set up so I can do a lot of sitting while it does things.

Tuesday's WashPost had their Consumer Reports article and this time it's about chicken nuggets. Trained tasters rated the nuggets and Consumer Reports checked the nutrition. The one that had the best nutrition tasted awful, but there were several that had good taste and good nutrition.
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