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Errands in the Early Day

After getting offline, I read the paper and at midnight, Spirit and I napped until 3am (she started under the duvet, got out, then wanted back in and woke me for it). Then I beaded and watched the recordings I'd made of Drop Dead Diva and West Side Story. When those were done, it was 7am and I got dressed and brought the paper in, then headed out at 7:50am.

The UPS Store is open at 8am and I wanted to return the box I got there -- I never even got it out of the van before the pillow box came and Junie has really been enjoying that one -- and I had saved the receipt, so I was able to just return it. I haven't had a McDonald's breakfast in ages so I stopped in and boy, that was still great. I was at Kaiser at 8:30am, when they open, but there was a massive line at the lab window (I just stood long enough for the next person to get there, explained I can't stand that long, and I'd come back when it's my turn), and complicating that was that all the computers and electric doors weren't working. I got my TSH & lipid panel done and the TSH is back already -- nice and normal thyroid. Then on to PetSmart which opens at 9am -- I was there about six minutes after -- to get a new bag of kitty food.

I got home about 9:30am and was exhausted. I went through some of the catalogs I usually throw in the mixed paper recycling bin just to calm down. Then I was in bed by 10am, reading my current book, and the light out at noon. Unfortunately, I'd only had little bits of sleep by 2pm, so I reset the alarm for 9pm. I've given us all meds and breakfast, seen the late news, and done two loads of laundry. Now I'm really sleepy again, so I'll read LJ and ML later.
Tags: cats, errands, food, laundry, sleep, tv

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