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Marilee J. Layman

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08:37 pm: Singularity's Ring by Paul Melko
This was the bookgroup book this month and going by the emails, most of us liked it okay. Not dramatic, but not bad, either.

The world is making only clone groups now and our protagonist group (considered one person), Apollo Papadopolous, is a five-clone group and very rare. They train and during their training, they frequently come close to dying. During their time on a station, they find out that a duo is trying to kill them and they get to the Ring. The Ring was built by an earlier generation that left lots of dead people when, theoretically, their spirits left for space. The Ring has an AI that helps the clones get back to Earth, but again, they're caught. One of them is able to almost kill the duo and let someone else take them.

The planet's Over Government swears the duo wasn't part of them. Then the OG asks them to find a Ring participant for them. He'd been in freeze mode when the Ring people "left" and when he woke up, he started making more Ring people. The clone group finds him and he chases them. They manage to get into another link to the Ring and find that a new AI would like them to join it so the Ring could be populated again. What do they do?

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