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The Dryer Vent People

Earlier this week I set up dryer vent cleaning for me and Luke, my upstairs neighbor, for Thursday between 2pm and 6pm. The guy called at 11am and said they were in the area and on their way over. I had been asleep when he called and Luke wasn't home. I reminded him that we agreed between 2 & 6 and he asked about tomorrow. Luke is getting a cataract out tomorrow and I told the guy that Friday wouldn't work. So the guy said he'd call me later today if they can get out here. If they don't come, I'm not sure I want to try to have them come again. People who don't stick to the agreed time-range are likely to not-stick again.

I watched TV and beaded last night; turned the light off and slept at 4am. Other than getting things (like Loki's litterbox) out of the utility room, I haven't done much.

Yesterday, Spirit was brave again. Twice she sat on the top of the back of the recliner when the other two were in the room. Both times she stayed up there until I sat in the recliner and pushed it back; then she sat in my lap.
Tags: cats, dryer vent

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