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Marilee J. Layman

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10:26 pm: Not a TIA
I'm starting online so late because I had the appt with the neurologist today and it's a long drive on two high-speed highways with accidents every day. I left early and got there early, she had an emergency, and then we talked for an hour. I came home on the same highways in rush hour.

From the tests and my description, she decided that 11/8 wasn't a new event, but an extension of the original stroke in 1987. I had a watershed infarct back then, which makes it easy to have more incidental neuro problems. This is a good diagnosis because it means no new brain damage. I drove home on those highways in rush hour, fed the cats, and napped for four hours. I have an EEG at the same place next week, so I will be late next Tuesday, too.

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