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Almost Thunderstorms

It's been yellow and cloudy all day, but we haven't had any rain or thunder. On the other hand, a six-story-high Jesus statue was burned down by lightning. Isn't that indication from God that they shouldn't remake it?

Last night I watched a DVD and beaded, then read the paper. I was done reading in bed by 4am and slept right through until noon. I hurt enough that I took some acetaminophan and slept two more hours. I had planned to get money at the ATM, but it wasn't working, and today is Tuesday when Nathan's is open so I had a small vanilla cone. I dropped the DVD at the post office and then got groceries. Now I'm washing the cat blankies.

Want more about the Salahi's? Michaele actually made The Real Housewives of DC. That should bring them enough money so they'll be able to pay off some of the many thousands they owe to other people. But the producer is being a little strange -- none of the women live in DC, they're all in the suburbs, and only one is black. That's not what they're labeling it.
Tags: beading, cats, errands, reading, religion, weather

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