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More Weird Sleep

After I got offline, I watched a TV show and beaded and then read the paper until 3am when I went to bed to read until 5am.

I couldn't get to sleep until 7am and then at 9am, we heard a strange horn blowing and someone trying to open my door. Loki and Junie and I looked at the hallway and I got my glasses, slippers, and robe on, but by the time I got down there, nobody was around. But that happened again at 11am and I just stayed in bed. The alarm went off at 2pm and I gave Junie her pill and decided to try to get more sleep. Junie almost immediately chased Loki around and when he got on the bed near me, I pulled him to me. He stayed there while I slept until 5pm.

I talked about Alvin Greene and his strange position in a political race in South Carolina, and YouTube has a number of interviews. This one is by Keith Olberman.

You've heard of Helen Thomas' gaffe that made her resign; the WashPost has a set of things people said that made them resign.

Yesterday's WashPost had an interesting picture and words of cleaning a bird. In the paper version, it was all spread out. Here, in the online version, be sure to click the arrow-like right side of the words box to move on to the next part.
Tags: beading, cats, politics, read, rescue bird, sleep, tv

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