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Marilee J. Layman

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10:01 pm: Asimov's August 2010
Sheila reports the Dell Magazine Award winners and James Patrick Kelly talked about new planets. Silverberg's title was Brave New Words which made me think he was talking about the book, an SF dictionary, and he was. I read it because I'd just skimmed my copy and as it turns out, we looked at the same words.

The stories I really liked in this issue were:

"Warning Label" by Alexander Jablokov -- everything in the world has "tags" on it so it's hard to see what's real.

"Slow Boat" by Gregory Norman Bossert -- a hacker is abducted and shipped to Mars. When she wakes up partway, she gets her revenge.

"Superluminosity" by Alan Wall -- the husband has a forbidden time machine that his wife forces him to use. She doesn't bring him back, but he's happy about that.

The story "Crimes, Follies, Misfortunes, and Love" by Ian Creasey is about a post-Apocalypse world. Some folks scavenge for hard drives and so forth to find out more about what happened back in the Oil Age and to see if there's anything useful they can still find. Our protagonist muses "The old-timers preserved every tiny moment of their lives, like electric slugs secreting a data-trail everywhere they slithered." I guess I'm an electric slug.



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Date:June 12th, 2010 05:52 am (UTC)
Things have been piling up, but the magazine is near the top.
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