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After having slept in the recliner to make sure I'd get the package, he knocked on the door just before 5pm, when I was at the desk, and I got to the door within 30 seconds. I opened it and saw the package and heard the truck pull away. I don't know why they were supposed to get a signature the first day and not the second day, but it was very annoying.

When I finished online, I started reading the paper and then watched Glee and L&O:CI while drinking the rehydration fluid. I finished the paper early and read in bed long enough to finish the book and still turn the light off 30 minutes early. Junie once again chased Loki when he wanted to be on the bed, but eventually, both were there.

I took the trash and recycling out in a light rain today.

The WashPost had an article from Consumer Reports listing the best insect repellents for people.
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