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The Beat My Heart Skipped

This is in French, which made beading a bit easier, but I still had to watch a good bit of it.

A young man who has spent his life as a ruffian is now a "real estate broker" who, when he wants land, delivers rats, turns off power and water, and uses baseball bats to break windows. He and his partners are trying to illegally sell this land that isn't their and abscond with the money. His dad wants him to get the rent money from a tenant and we find that a Russian mobster is taking the money instead. He tries to talk the mobster into paying his father and the next day, his father has been shot.

He runs into the guy who managed his mother, who was a pianist. The guy offers him an audition and our young man finds someone to help him get his skills back. The work he does on the piano becomes entwined with the illegal real estate work to the point where they had to kick people out of a building late at night the night before his audition. He can't manage the audition and the maybe-manager tells him to come back when he's better.

Two years later, he's with/married the Chinese woman who helped him with his skills and she's going to have a big concert. He lets her off and on the way from parking, he runs into the mobster and kills him. He can't get the blood completely off himself, but still goes to the front row to listen to the girl.
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