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Big Rainstorm

This was predicted for 2pm today, so it's a bit late, but we're having a thunderstorm that may also have hail.

I watched TV and beaded last night and after I read the paper, I went to bed and started a new book. It took me a while to get through the Prelude because I kept thinking of related things for me (oh my, the rain is so big I can barely see the parking lot).

I emailed our manager a couple weeks ago to tell him that the gutter above my (and Luke's) balcony was blocked because I was getting rain on a part of my porch that only gets rain when there's a big storm. Today at noon the guy showed up to clean. He called Hello and I opened the sliding glass door and he asked for a bucket of water to test it. I got him that and it worked, but when I came back in, all the cats were gone (Spirit behind the recliner). I hadn't expected them to be that scared.

I took the trash and recycling out and when I got home, I managed to trim all of Junie's claws except the right thumb. She could pull the right hand away more, and was putting her teeth on my hand, and she pulled out from under my arm when I tried that thumb. I came right back out here and she followed me and rubbed her head on me. When Loki saw what I'd done, he ran out of the room with his ears back.

We've only lost power here once in the almost-nineteen years I've lived here and that was because of a faulty clip on one of the big lines, so I expect to be reading the paper, watching TV, and beading tonight.

As of this morning, recovery groups had found two bodies in the Potomac and forensics is working on finding out who they are. The river mutilates quickly. There were a lot of rescue parties -- one squad from each side of the river (different counties from different states), a Park Police helicopter, and some volunteer kayakers -- within 17 minutes of being told someone went into the river. They really do their best, but it's rarely possible to save people in the Potomac.
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