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Holding Time 1

I got up at 11am Monday and had to take some acetaminophen and stayed in bed another hour. I was awake, though. By 1:30pm I was online and also cooking, eating, and washing cat blankies. I was very briefly dizzy a few times during that. I got offline at 6:30pm and started to read the paper, but got dizzy again and so Spirit and I started to sleep in the recliner at 7pm. We woke up at 1:30am. I wasn't expecting that. I considered just leaving the rest of the paper and going to bed to read so I'd be asleep by 3am, but then I realized I hadn't had the replacement fluid. So I finished the paper and drank the fluid, then read in bed, set the alarm for noon, and went to sleep at 4am. If I manage to stay on or close to the proper time tonight and tomorrow, I'll go back to regular titles and less exact days.
Tags: cats, food, pain, read, washing

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