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Sliding Time 4

As I mentioned in the last post, I slept long on Sunday and got up at 8am. After that, I started reading the front pages of the sections of the Sunday paper (more on Sunday) and made a grocery list. At 10am, I got online and made my Peapod list, which had all the same sale things as the grocery and the same things I need that aren't on sale, so I won't have to go for anything other than to pick up Junie's pills this week, and the Peapod order will come on Thursday.

While I was online, I was washing the bed linens, watching The Dirty Dozen, and seeing Loki be scared again. I'd left the bright red coupon holder at the end of the computer table so I'd remember to put it back where it belongs and when Loki jumped up and saw it, he wouldn't get near it. He wouldn't even touch noses with me -- he got right up on the halfwall.

I finished online at 2pm and sat in the recliner with Spirit and watched the end of the movie and then we napped in the recliner for three hours. I don't think the napping is a big deal, it's getting to the right time that matters, and I nap so frequently that the duvet and pillow stay in the living room, anyway.

At 6pm, I woke up and there was no news (just golf) so I started reading the paper, and ate. At 8pm, I beaded and watched Mr. Roberts, which is one of my favorite movies and came out the year I was born. It has a subplot about a palm tree, and when I opened the kitchen shade today, there's a pickup truck out there with a palm tree in the back! Junie sat with me, but she only wanted to claw me while she tried to get the thread, so I evicted her.

I recorded Operation Petticoat to watch tonight and continued reading the paper at 10:15pm. I finished at midnight and cleaned up in the kitchen, then went to bed to read. I'd planned to read until 3am, but I only made it to 2:30am. I had the alarm set to 11am and I did wake up, but Junie tried to fight Loki on the bed and while I was protecting Loki, I did something to the upper part of my left arm. I got some acetaminophen and went back to bed for an hour, but I was awake. My plan for tonight is to go to sleep at 3am and get up at 11am again. This is very close to what used to be my regular -- 4am to noon -- and I think would be fine as a new regular.

Charlie had someone post about Hobby Lobby on his blog, with a link, which Charlie took out because of their dominionism. That's Daily Kos talking about four organizations -- AmWay, Chick-Fil-A, Hobby Lobby, and US Plastics. I knew the other three were dominionist, but not Hobby Lobby. In any case, I personally had a very odd experience with AmWay people and so did my father, even after I told him of mine:

My folks were evangelical fundamentalists (dominionists) and there was another family at our church that we were sort of friends with. After I'd left the church, they invited me to dinner at their house and to watch the slides from their driving trip across the country. I thought that sounded nice, and went, only to find that we were going to have an AmWay presentation first. When I realized that, I stood up and started to leave. The guy who was giving the presentation kept telling me that if I sold AmWay, I'd get a good car, make a lot of money, get a nice house, etc., and I told him, truthfully, that I had all of that, and went out the door.

I hadn't been in contact with my father and evil stepmother for a long time when my father called and said this family was coming down to Virginia Beach for an AmWay convention and had asked if they could stay at Dad's house. I told him what had happened when they invited me to dinner, and he said they could stay there anyway. What he hadn't anticipated was that they brought 17 people who had to have places to stay, bathrooms, and lots and lots of food. Dad actually called me and apologized for not believing me, which he hadn't done before and never did later.
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