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Marilee J. Layman

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12:40 pm: Sliding Time 3
I woke up at 1am on Saturday, which is later than I'd planned. I watched TV and beaded until 4am when I watched a DVD and beaded. At 5:30am, I read the Saturday paper and at 7am, I took the DVD to the post office and picked up mail. I started online at 8am and got off at 1pm, when I read some Smithsonians, and ate, and did laundry. At 4pm I beaded and watched TV, then at 6pm, I went to bed to read. I planned to read until 8pm and sleep then, but I was just exhausted and went to sleep at 7:30pm. I didn't set the alarm (for 4am) and I slept until 8am. A bit more than 12 hours. So tonight, I'll set the alarm.

I think I'm going to set it for 11am, as if this morning was a regular start, instead of for 7am, which was what was planned for Monday. I needed some things from Peapod and managed to set up the list so I don't have to go to the grocery tomorrow (in the 90s) and they'll bring everything on Thursday.

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