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Sliding Time 2

I kind of lost Friday with this time sliding. After I finished online on Friday, I tried to watch a DVD and bead, but the machine insisted it wasn't a DVD. I watched another DVD and beaded. Then I read the paper and realized I had finished everything that I needed to do. That was 3am and I decided to go to bed to read and try to sleep. I decided I should take night meds. I slept well, for two hours, and woke up quite alert at 7am. So taking night meds was not quite right.

I did a batch of things around the house, including emptying, cleaning, and reloading all the litterboxes. At 10:30am I put the two DVDs in the van and stopped at the clusterboxes to see if my check was here yet, and it was. I deposited it, got gas, dropped off the DVDs, and decided to have lunch at Chili's. I got home about 12:00pm.

While I was dealing with the cashier, a convertible BMW pulled in next to me. It was bright yellow and black. The driver was wearing a bright yellow and black dress, and had fake bright yellow hair with fake long black eyelashes. She clearly had a theme.

When I got back, I sat with Spirit on my lap briefly and then signed on to read email, pay bills, give a donation, and buy some washclothes. I have about five sets of towels (most very old) and I can never find washclothes, so I'm going to keep them in the bathroom. Then I went to bed at 1:30pm and read until 3:17pm. I wanted to finish a section, but I was just too sleepy. I didn't set the alarm and woke up today at 1am. You get all of today on tomorrow.

A semi-local cafe that has a lot of musical performers is having Sonorous, the state's first wizard rock festival. All the bands are about Potterverse.

A woman in Norwich won a cancer lawsuit againt R. J. Reynolds, but they plan to appeal. I'm pleased that the jury set ... Izzarelli’s damages at more than $13 million, but assigned 58 percent of the guilt to the company and 42 percent to Izzarelli, reducing her total to $8 million. She has to take some blame.

BP didn't do everything it should do in drilling because they were trying to save so much money, but the WashPost Business columnist thinks they are standing up and taking care of things.
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