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The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Thirteenth Annual Collection edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Wi

I don't like most fantasy and don't think horror is very horrible, so I read these compilations to keep an eye on the genres. I found only three stories I really liked:

1. "The Grammarian's Five Daughters" by Eleanor Arnason. This is drawn from the stories of kings sending princes out to make their fortunes, but is much much funnier.

2. "Tanuki" by Jan Hodgman. A Buddhist nun has found peace with a temple near a very rural mountainous village and the tanuki who become almost pets. When she's faced with being evicted, she makes a wise choice. (This made me put "My Neighbor Totoro" back on my Netflix queue and jump it to the top.)

3. "Pixel Pixies" by Charles de Lint. In modern times, pixies may invade your house through modern means. How do you get rid of them? This is a Newford story.

I also laughed at the end of a horror story, which I probably wasn't supposed to. If Diana Wynne Jones had told the story, everybody would smile. It's "Dear Floods of Her Hair" by James Sallis. When people in this family die, the body is cleaned down to the skeleton and then dressed and positioned like a doll (and redressed and repositioned). I thought it was a cute idea.
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