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Wrong Schedule

I was sure I'd sleep at the right time last night because I was very sleepy. I turned the light off at 4am and figured that was that. But I was still awake at 5am and decided to read more of the book. When I got halfway through the book, I was still really awake and went out to see if the paper was here yet (6:30am). It was and I had cranberry juice and toast and then did my reading of the front pages of the sections of the paper and made out the grocery list for tomorrow. That was 8am and I was really sleepy. I changed the alarm to 2pm, thinking I could handle six hours of sleep and then be really sleepy Sunday night. Well, I woke up briefly at 1:20pm and just turned the alarm off. I woke up at 4:45pm, which was almost nine hours of sleep, just at a weird time. I don't have anything scheduled for the week so I'm considering seeing if I can continue it and push it forward.

I'm washing sheets, but not much else is going on.
Tags: laundry, sleep

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