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Lila Says

The packet blurb says this was controversial and it's non-rated and it's obvious why from the beginning (assuming the English subtitles were accurate for the French). The female protagonist doesn't talk about anything but sex.

This is one of those stories that has a bit of present time in the beginning, most of the story in the past, and then a bit in present time. In present time, the male protagonist is writing the story that was the real story in the past. Lila flirts with him and he's shy enough that it takes a while for any sexual activity to occur. However a rival group-leader also likes Lila and they hurt him and then gang-rape her and she goes to Poland. He turns in his story and follows.

Most of it is just her talking over and over about sex, which is kind of boring rather than controversial. The guy had one great sentence: "Shady Grove should be Satellite Grove because it's the only thing that grows here."
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