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Kitties All Asleep

Spirit is in her bed, Loki on the recliner, and Junie on the crenellations. They're so cute like that.

I let myself sleep until I woke up today, which turned out to be about 4pm. I took a DVD to the post office and picked up two days of mail, which is about it for today so far.

Our governor has finally decided on his new method to give the vote back to nonviolent felons. It will be shorter than before, but they will still have to write a letter. The letter doesn't have to mention church now, just "a brief description of civic or community involvement." He will still be the one to to make the decision.

Drop-side cribs are going to be banned because too many kids have died in them. The comments think that having 48 deaths over 10 years makes this a stupid law.

26 horses have been rescued from a field where there were also goats and cattle (that went elsewhere) and are now in a rescue facility for horses. Most are almost starved and some are actually feral. The field also had skeletons and burned skeletons. The state isn't giving out the name of the owner of the animals (probably so he/she won't be stoned).
Tags: cats, cribs, errands, horses, politics

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