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I wanted to stop the fosamax because I keep screwing up its weird routine and having to try the next day. The nephrologist ordered a DEXA bone density scan and I called Kaiser's radiology. They still have steps up to their vans with the machines, so they referred me out.

I didn't sleep quickly enough last night, but still got up at noon. I dropped a DVD at the post office and swapped books at the library. I was early for the appointment and brought the paper to read. When a young woman called my name, I turned and smiled at her, gathered the paper, stood up, and turned, only to find her gone. I headed for the door, which I could open, and said "Hello?" repeatedly and increasingly louder. She came and said "I called for you!" and I said "Yes, and you didn't wait for me to get here." In any case, it was just a few minutes and I headed on home where Spirit and I slept for about 90 minutes.

I always figure that when a politician says Let me be clear, he meant what he said the first time and had to change it because so many people disliked him for the idea.

Remember the Salahis? The couple who gatecrashed the last State Dinner? Well, on Wednesday, a limo went through a red light and started to turn onto the Ellipse (which is not allowed). When stopped by Secret Service, guess who was in the limo with a two-person TV team? They say it's accidental, but I dunno.
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